Rainer Bürck, keyboards & electronics
Günter Marx, violin & electronics
Martin Bürck, gongs, percussion & electronics
TRIONYS combines gestural instrumental actions and live electronics. Their first project, vector alpha, is a dramatic, hour long work comprised of thirteen parts. Each part is defined by specific sound regions, playing actions, and interactions among the musicians. Besides the exactly determined parts, there is room for spontaneous and exhilarating improvisation.

TRIONYS debuted at the Festival International de Musiques Universitaires (FIMU) in Belfort, France, June 2-3, 2001. The group s roots, however, go back to the late 70s and 80s when Rainer and Martin Bürck formed another trio to explore the boundaries between art rock and experimental contemporary music. In their new collaboration they are joined by the voracious Günter Marx, an extraordinary violinist.

Rainer Bürck is a freelance pianist and composer. As a pianist, he concentrates on contemporary repertoire and has premiered numerous works from several countries. Since 1995, he has focused on collaborative improvisation projects. Rainer Bürck s recent composition has emphasized electroacoustic music, creating works for tape , and for performers & interactive electronics. His music has been performed and broadcast in Europe, North & South America, and Australia to critical acclaim including recent 1st and 2nd prizes for Flautando (1999) at the Prague Musica Nova Competition and the Hungarian Radio EAR Competition. Rainer Bürck s CD Without Fear is available from www.earsay.com.

Günter Marx is the principal violinist at the Opera in Dortmund. He also performs as soloist and is a member of several chamber ensembles including the Brahms Quartet Hamburg, and the Leonardo Quartet Cologne. He has collaborated on performance projects with composers Thomas Kessler, Mesias Maiguashca, Wilfried Jentzsch and Rainer Bürck among others.

Martin Bürck is a musician and visual artist. As a percussionist he has specialized in working with multiple gongs both for solo performance and larger projects. Martin Bürck is constantly exploring the hidden internal sounds of his materials. For a recent theatre project he created a fascinating score from the scrap metal of a factory. Other projects include designing sound nights, concerts inside caves, a radio play, sound installations and interdisciplinary art projects. His sculptural works, objects and paintings have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions.