(1999/2000/ 2016)
acousmatic work
stereo version: 1999/2000
octophonic version: 2016

goes back to a project I had planned for the turn of the millennium. Since my home town Bad Urach is located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains, this seemed to me the ideal place for a huge sound installation. I had the idea of setting up towers of loudspeakers on three rocks on the mountains around the centre of the town and a central tower on the market place. Though the director of the Cultural Office of Bad Urach got immediately enthusiastic about my proposal, it took until October 1999 till the Town Council discussed it. Many of its members were fond of this project, but when they finally agreed in a sound check to test it, it was too late as the required equipment was no longer available. Though I was very disappointed about this, I decided to make a tape piece from the sound materials which I had started to develop during the summer and autumn of 1999.

These materials are mainly based on two sources: sounds I had recorded from the bells of the St Amandus Church of Bad Urach and a Gregorian Alleluja. Using this chant from the origins of Occidental music and transforming it into contemporary music, I wanted to mark the time span of Occidental music - a period of incredible musical creativity and output. Not least, as an exclamation of joy "Alleluja" also wants to welcome both the new millennium and my son Ilmar, born on September 26th, 2000, to whom this piece is dedicated.