DES OMBRES DE LA NUIT for tape (1994)

Duration: 13 min 25 sec

In a very cold winter night in December 1992 I went to the Frauenkirche in
Esslingen together with organist Christoph Bossert to record sounds from the
organ of the church. Since the church borders on a major street, the recording
session had to take place in the middle of the night. We treated the organ in
many ways, the results mostly sounding dark and uncanny, just like the
atmosphere of the environment. There was the clatter of the action and the
pedals, the howling and whistling of the organ-pipes, the hissing and moaning of
the wind in the tubes and pipes...
The piece wants to re-create some of the eerie atmosphere in the dark, lonely
and cold church. Shades of the night...

Des Ombres de la Nuit was premiered at the Pfleghofsaal in Tübingen on November
3rd, 1994.