Rainer Bürck


RAINER BÜRCK studied piano and composition in Stuttgart and electroacoustic music in Nürnberg, with Wilfried Jentzsch. He also studied musicology and philosophy at the University of Tübingen. He currently works as a freelance composer and pianist. His activities as a pianist concentrate on contemporary repertoire, and he has performed at numerous festivals and venues of contemporary music in Europe (such as the Barber Festival in Birmingham, the City University Electroacoustic Music Festival in London, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, in Edinburgh, Manchester, Rome, Zürich, Salzburg, Berlin etc ) and North America (Montreal, Boston, New London, Kansas City, Louisville, Gainesville, Omaha, Vancouver etc). He has premiered many works by composers from several countries, especially in collaboration with his piano duo partner Robert Rühle.

Since 1995 Rainer Bürck has been collaborating with various performers on different improvisation projects, such as Roland Graeter / France (cello/voice), Günter Marx / Germany Virginia Scott / Wales (piano), Hartmut Dorschner / Dresden (saxophone), Lawrence Casserley / Britain (live electronics), Andrew Czink / Canada (piano) and John Oliver / Canada (electronics).

Since 2000 Rainer Bürck is involveld in his trio TRIONYS , together with his brother Martin Bürck and Günter Marx. The trio has performed in France, Britain, Sweden, Estonia and Germany. In September 2002, their CD vector alpha was released from the Vancouver-based label earsay productions.

As a composer Rainer Bürck has been focussing on electroacoustic music in recent years, creating works for tape, for performers and tape and for performers and live electronics. His CD "beyond the physical scope" was reviewed in the spring 96 issue of the "Computer Music Journal". His works have been performed and broadcast in Germany, Britain, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Australia. Rainer Bürck's works have been selected to be performed at the SEAMUS Conference in Kansas City and at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival in Gainesville in April 1997, at the VI Brazilian Conference on Computer Music in Rio de Janeiro in July 1999 and at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Berlin in August 2000.

In November 1999 Rainer Bürck's work Flautando (for flute and live electronics) was awarded two prizes at international competitions for electroacoustic music: the first prize of the Musica Nova '99 competition in Prague and the second prize (no 1st prize was awarded in this category) of the EAR '99 competition of the Hungarian Radio in Budapest.

Rainer Bürck is also interested in algorithmic composition, and he has written several computer programs as tools for composing, such as a Graphic Composition Program, a Stochastic Composition Program and a MIDI Processing Program. He currently develops real time sound processing software.